Cotton, wool, linen and jersey are the stars of the SS 24 collection

In view of spring and the warmer season, we have selected fabrics that are all different from each other, extremely comfortable, breathable and in line with current trends.


The main player in this collection, cotton will be part of the SS season as a fabric for jackets and trousers but also as a stretch fabric for dresses. With the addition of nylon, it is ideal for making trench coats and mackintoshes, or mixed with wool, for clothes that can be worn in spring.


An important part of our collection is covered by wool.In fact, although wool is thought to be a material only for the colder season, in reality this fabric can also be used for spring and summer. In fact, wool not only keeps you warm, but is actually able to thermoregulate your body temperature and keep it constant, so it is also perfect for spring.


Linen is the fabric par excellence synonymous with summer. This material with its breathable properties is perfect for the warmer seasons because it allows the skin to breathe and keeps it dry.

This fine fabric is available in yarn-dyed and piece-dyed, and can be used for both jacket and trouser weights.


Jersey can never be missing in the SS season, in fact its main characteristics are lightness, softness and elasticity. At Emmetex we offer this material in different varieties, from yarn-dyed to jacket/trouser weights.


We have not forgotten the viscoses. In fact, this fabric is very well suited to warmer weather, and is one of the materials that can be worn in direct contact with the skin. It is in fact a fibre made from cotton pulp and therefore retains a certain percentage of the breathable characteristics of this fabric. Moreover, it is a material that tends not to crease.

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