Fabrics for Summer

The days with temperatures above 20 degrees are rapidly approaching. Let's take a look at the fabrics to choose to stay cool without experiencing discomfort and to allow the body to breathe.

Textile waste, how to manage it?

According to the ISPRA Urban Waste Report in 2015, textile waste amounted to 129,000 tons, while in 2022 the number has increased to 157,000 tons.

The SS24 collection by Emmetex

In view of spring and the warmer season, we have selected fabrics that are all different from each other, extremely comfortable, breathable and in line with current trends.

All you need to know about patchwork

Many times we find ourselves with clothes we no longer wear, or even scraps of leftover fabric with which it is impossible to do anything with.

Pilling and wool garments

In the textile industry, everyone knows (and dreads) pilling, especially when it comes to wool, as this phenomenon is quite frequent… unless the yarn is of good quality. At Emmetex, we carefully study and analyze the fabrics we produce so that you never have to deal with this inconvenience. What is pilling?  Pilling is a &hellip; <a href="https://www.emmetex.com/en/pilling-and-wool-garments/">Continued</a>